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Moos Views is a private consulting company focusing on improving the farm animal welfare component of sustainability.  The team at Moos Views can provide the following services:

  • Second and third-party farm animal welfare audits

  • Animal welfare audit tool design and development

  • Animal welfare standards design and delivery utilising the latest OIE and Welfare Quality® information

  • On-farm animal welfare assessments and subsequent program development

  • Pragmatic, practical solutions for incremental improvement in on-farm operations

  • On- farm for all handlers of livestock using the knowledge and understanding of cattle behaviour as the cornerstone of low stress stock handling. 

The vision at Moos Views is to give livestock handlers knowledge and experience in animal behaviour and low-stress stockmanship to improve the daily lives of farm animals and give them both a life worth living.  Central to this is the utilisation of appropriate metrics to capture current practices and use these as a baseline to measure progress, in addition to the application of practical, pragmatic solutions first.


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Mandi McLeod

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